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Product Code: 77520

Fantastic looking ready made aluminium outdoor kitchen frame with a reconstituted granite kitchen worktop which includes a sink with pressure tap which is completed by the Beefeater Tropical Outdoor Fridge with Double Doors and a Beefeater Built In Single Door.

Artisan Kitchen Fridge & Sink Module Only


  • Height (without grill): 90cm - 95cm(approx) 
  • Height (including grill - hood closed): 120cm -125cm(approx) 
  • Width: 170cm(approx)
  • Depth: 60cm(approx)
£ 1,650.00

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When the weather gets warm and the dinners move outside, you'll love a few of these swanky extras. In True BeefEater style, everything comes together for that seamlessly brilliant look.