• Discovery

    Discovery Range

    With the Discovery Series, you'll discover the classic Aussie barbecue. These beauties are sure to impress family and friends with good times and succulent flavours...

  • Signature

    Signature Range

    This award winner is packed with amazing innovations and design features. With its classic stainless steel good looks and robust construction....

  • BUGG

    BUGG Range

    The Amazing BUGG picks up where other BBQ's leave off. Cook with the hood up, for crispier grilling. Or hood down, for roasts. And its east to store and carry so your BUGG goes where you go.

  • Artisan

    Artisan Range

    This is Beefeater’s ultimate outdoor range of kitchens. This beauty features a 4 burner barbecue with side burner and cabinets made from quality stainless steel with the kitchen sink and fridge module. All the outdoor cooking equipment you need to make your very own outdoor kitchen.