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Alfa Pizza | Forno 5 Minuti

The 5 Minuti oven is one of the larger of the Alfa Pizza family. Its larger size makes its more versatile to cook on and broaden the range of meals you can cook. The 5 Minuti is a genuine wood-fired oven and which has many benefits.

A truly portable chef quality pizza oven... Don’t forget it’s not only pizzas that you can cook on this wonderful piece of kit! You can also do low and slow roasts, all the seasonal vegetables and much more. Keep an eye on our Facebook page to discover the latest recipes and ideas!
Alfa Pizza | Forno 5 Minuti


•The cooking floor of the 5 Minuti Pizza Oven is made of original clay tiles, just like pizzeria ovens! •The internal dome is made of thermal, light and robust stainless steel •Cooking temperature easily exceeds 300C in around 5 minutes! •The 5 Minuti Pizza Oven can cook up to 50 pizzas in one hour! •At the end of an evening, you can bake up to two loaves of bread after the oven has slightly cooled •Using the wheels it can be moved indoors and outdoors with ease
£ 1,980.00


The 5 minuti pizza oven is easier than you may think, in fact pizza ovens can be easier than a traditional BBQ grill. The pizza oven can get up to temperature in as little as five minutes, using just small pieces of kiln dried wood and is immediately ready to cook with. This pizza oven comes complete with a base an wheels, weighing only 100kg, which makes it one of the most portable pizza ovens on the market. “There’s never been a better time to buy this oven with a major discount from the RRP. Please call us on 01202 797211 or contact us to discuss delivery options and start your dream today!!”


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