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S3000E Series | Mobile 4 Burner BBQ & Hood (cast iron pack)

Product Code: 19242

S3000E Series - Mobile 4 Burner BBQ & Hood (cast iron pack) - 'Designer' Cabinet Trolley & S/Burner

You'll be a legend in your own lunch time. This signature barbecue is just what you need to create that special signature dish. Four powerful burners, a roasting hood made from durable porcelain enamel, rust-free cooktops, quartz start ignition with robust stainless steel trolley and adjustable height shelves. It's a work of art.


S3000E Series | 4 Burner | Designer Cabinet Trolley


• Rust free cooktops

• 5 year stainless steel warranty

• Integrated quartz start ignition

• Integrated convection roasting hood

£ 1,549.00


Rugged? Certainly. Handsome? Many think so. Made from sparkling stainless steel and durable porcelain enamel., these barbecues are an entertainers dream. Packed with features that will turn any shindig into an unforgettable evening this barbecue is a real head turner. You can even add an optional side burner. So when deciding your barbecuing future make sure you give to 3000 Mobile series a real good look over.