Annexe and Log Home Planning Permission

Planning Permission for Residential Cabins

Planning permission is usually required for any garden annexe, log home or structure that is to be lived in full time. A lot of clients think that because of this it means that they can't have something built in their garden. All this really means is a little more time, some accurate paperwork and fees (which vary depending on the scope of your project).

Our recommended planning agents have an excellent success rate in getting our homes passed. If you would like to go down the full planning route then the structure will also need to comply with UK Building Regulations. In some instances you can apply for a building to be made under the Caravan Act, in which case it is classed as a movable structure and built onto a chassis or trailer. You will still need permission from your local authority for this, but these types of structure are not bound by such stringent Building Regulations.

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There are pros and cons to both routes to getting a structure in your garden: The Caravan Act route is usually quicker and the cost of the structure would be less as it would not need to conform to the same Building Regulations. However as temporary structure is would not add discernible value to the home.

Under full planning a bona fide Garden Annexe may take a little longer to pass and as it needs to comply with Building Regulations the material cost would be more. However, the benefits of a proper annexe are great, they will add tangible value to your property and will always be a permanent structure.

Every area and house to house is different so we strongly recommend seeking advice to eliminate any uncertainty and we would not be able to work on a project which did not have the relevant permissions. If planning and/or Building Regulations are required then we can help. Please call us on 01202 797211 or call our recommended agents The Complete Building Regulations company and speak to Jamie Wright on 01823 602829


View the gallery showing the processes of manufacturing the logs for the REAL log homes

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