Pergotex II - Protection from the elements

Pergotex awnings from Weinor

The weinor pergola PergoTex II awning gives you more time to enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather, at the push of a button the fabric retracts so you can enjoy the sun. If the weather takes a sudden turn for the worse, simply close the awning again - with no need to rush to get out of the rain. The awning also has dimmable LED lighting so you can enjoy the PergoTex experience during the day, and have a pleasant evening atmosphere when the sun goes down. All-glass elements of the awning provide side and frontal protection against strong winds and the elements.

The PergoTex II has a sturdy framework, that not only has an attractive design, but also comes in a choice of over 200 frame colours, allowing you to choose the right colour awning to suit your requirements. The frame is also built to resist winds of up to wind strength 8.

Pergotex folding system

Cabrio folding system - The PergoTex II Cabrio-Folding System is rain-proof, wind stable and completely retractable.

Integrated drainage

Integrated drainage - Controlled water flow-off from the aluminium fabric protection roof

LED Spots

HighPower LED-spots - Dimmable HighPower LED-single spots can be integrated into the horizontal rails.

Pergona fabric collection

Pergotex 2 folded

Pergona is the exclusive collection for PergoTex II. Choose between Pergona classic and Pergona translucent. Our classic option features a PVC-coated fabric that has an especially smooth, waterproof surface, enabling rain to run off its surface effortlessly. The unique feature of the weinor Pergona translucent fabric is its high light transmission of up to 21 %. Allowing natural light to penetrate the rainproof support fabric, without being too bright.