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Classic range - Entertain no matter what the weather

The Classic has a range of cast aluminium moldings you can ad d to your design. Aluminium gallows brackets give strength and also add and nice finishing touch to the support posts, blending the leg into the roof with a gradual curve. The cast aluminium trellising, while not for everyone, does as that extra impact to the finished look.

Classic range

The Classic is made up of powder coated aluminium profile which give it a maintenance free finish that will withstand the harsh elements of our British weather. The Classic will work in harmony with both older and more modern homes alike, and although a little more in price than the Nouveau, the Classic’s styling more than makes up for it in “wow” factor.

A classic style to make your veranda stand out

Seamless look
LED lighting
Long life arm

The Classic range comes with Edwardian style supports posts. Each support post has a pair of cast aluminium gallows brackets either side to add strength and a decorative look.

Nouveau range - Contemporary style with a modern feel

The Nouvea garden verandas can be supplied with a heavy duty front beam to allow for longer spans between posts, ideal for large open patios. We also offer aluminium guttering on the nouveau range which gives a more substantial look to the veranda, both choices are available.

Nouveau range

The larger front eaves beam means that the Nouveau range can span larger distances between support posts, for an uninterrupted viewing area, ideal for larger patios. And whilst ideal for entertaining the Nouveau is very practical, keeping garden furniture dry and out of the elements. Cushions and fabric covers can stay out all summer.

Contemporary style veranda

Seamless look
LED lighting
Long life arm

With square posts and a larger front eaves beam, the Nouveau range of verandas have a contemporary style with a more modern feel.

Tips for a great veranda:

  • Using a long tape measure mark out the size of canopy that would best suit your needs.
  • A veranda doesnt have to cover all of your patio. The ideal is to give you a sheltered “zone” for furniture and entertaining.
  • Colour is important, we have a range of light and dark colours available so check our gallery on the website to see what best suits your home.
  • Email us with a photograph of the proposed location and some sizes and we will contact you with some options and suggestions.

Our standard colour range

Both our Classic and Nouveau range come in five colours, however we can paint to any RAL colour number. The RAL colour range has over 200 colours and shades which will allow you to match your own home’s colour scheme perfectly.


White 9003

Rosewood brown

Rosewood Brown


Black 9005

Anthracite Gray

Anthracite Gray 7016

Agate Gray

Agate Gray 7038

A garden the weather can’t spoil...

Entertain no matter what the weather

  • Our weather is unpredictable at the best of times, however a garden veranda will shelter you from the elements. No more summer barbeques rained off, and with the addition of electric patio heaters and external lighting, you can turn your patio into a warm and dry space no matter what the weather has in store.

Garden furniture stays dry

  • A veranda keeps your patio dry all year round. Shielded from sun and rain your garden furniture will stay dry so there’s no need to bring the cushions in.

Filter out harmful uv sun

  • Our new range of tinted glass, blocks up to 99% of the suns harmful uv rays. Now you and your family can stay out in the warm summer sun, without the worry.

Maintenance free

  • Powder coated aluminium profiles will not rust or corrode and the paint finish will last the life time of the veranda.
  • Our self cleaning glass option prevents dirt from building up on the surface of glass, making regular cleaning unnecessary.

Bespoke design

  • Every garden veranda we build is custom made for you. Our in-house design team use the latest software to design, process and manufacture your veranda to your exact specification. Together we can bring your ideas to life.