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Superior Quality Garden Log Cabins

Deluxe Dorset 45

4m x 3m


The Dorset 45 Cabin comes with double glazed windows and doors, the windows are also tilt n' turn. The roof and overhang are supported by chunky, 60mm roof purlins. Garden offices, a kids playroom or extra accommodation; these are just a few of the potential uses of the Deluxe Dorset 45.

Dimension Options

4m x 3m - £4,750.00

4m x 4m - £5,395.00

5m x 4m - £7,495.00

5m x 3m - £5,250.00

6m x 3m - £7,250.00

6m x 4m - £8,695.00

Deluxe Dorset 45 Log Cabin

Deluxe Cabin Pack Contains

  • Superior fixings and latches

  • Double Euro-Cylinder action locks

  • Tilt and Turn Deluxe windows

  • Aluminium drip trays to take water away from the cabin walls

  • Aluminium drip trays to take water away from the cabin walls

  • Generous sized roof overhangs

  • Premium bitumen roof shingles

  • Superior double glazing (18mm)

  • 22mm floor and roof boards

  • Fitted draught seals

  • Scandinavian and Arctic Circle Spruce

  • Double walls available

  • Superior trims and skirting boards

  • Bespoke designs available

  • 7 Year structual warranty



Note: Customers are responsible for Planning Permission -

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Deluxe Log Cabin Features

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As is standard with all of our log cabins, it is also extremely customisable, giving you the option of adding windows, wall thickness and overall size. These extras allow you to truly create a log cabin that fits your requirements.

Note: All cabins come with a treated base frame so this protects the bottom of the cabin but the rest of the timber MUST be treated as soon as possible. As wood is natural material; it expands, moves and contracts all the time so it is important that the timber is treated properly as soon as possible. It is worth treating inside cabins as well before you fit it out.

Please contact us for installation options and our optional extras which include: roof shingles, extra windows, roof insulation, floor insulation, decking, front terrace, general landscaping, painted finishes, furniture, cushions and lighting.