Sun awnings - The Luxury Domestic Awning Range from Weinor

Weinor cassette awnings, semi-cassette awnings and open awnings. There is a vast selection of models and patterns that come in a range of colours, each include specialised features and are built with quality materials for a truly beautiful, functional awning.

Opal design 2

Technical highlights

Seamless look

Seamless look - Built intelligently to save space and give the overall design a clean look

LED lighting

LED lighting - Zenara LED gives you endless hours of joy

Long life arm

LongLife arm - Low-noise Weinor LongLife arm

Look at our 4 great sun awning designs

Opal open and closed

Opal Design II

The new Opal Design II cassette awning stands out for its timeless, classic design coupled with high-performance technology that meets all the demands of a premium cassette-awning. The Opal awning is also highly customisable with a wide range of optional extras that will allow you simplify your awning experience.

  • End cap closure
  • Integrated LED lighting
  • Valance Plus
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Zenara open and closed

Zenara / LED

The weinor Zenara brings innovation in awning shape design and has a range of built-in technologies designed to streamline your awning experience. Even the technical components have been concealed in order to simplify and further streamline the design. With its numerous innovations, the Zenara is a true avantgardist in engineering terms.

  • Seamless look
  • Integrated LED lighting
  • LongLife arm
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Livona open and closed

Livona / LED

The Livona awning is the pinnacle of stylish, minimalist design, it has a clean style thanks to the seamless build with no visible screws as well as the ultra-slim front profile - the look that encapsulates a modern attitude towards life. LED lighting can also be added at your request in order to create various ambiences.

  • Livona LED
  • Version with roof
  • Volant Plus
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Cassita open and closed

Cassita II / LED

A slim, elegant design packed with innovative technology such as the quiet yet durable weinor LongLife arm as well as concealed fixings and screws to keep the overall design neat and streamlined. The Cassita II is perfect for those looking for a puristic, harmoniously flat design that is simple to install and maintain.

  • Slim cassette design
  • Optional LED light bar
  • Innovative two-point connection
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  • Frame colours - You can choose your favourite frame colour from a total of 47 at no extra cost.


  • Wind Resistance Force 5 - The wind resistance class achieved after assembly depends to a large extent on the type and number of fixings and on the surface to which it is attached.
  • Motor drive - Motor drive as standard (Crank operation is also available) Hand crank mechanism not available with the Cassita Lux


  • Comfort with a remote control - You can operate the WeiTronic Remoto remote control to adjust shade, heat and light from your favourite chair.
  • Weather sensors - The WeiTronic weather sensors are available as just a sun sensor, a sun and wind sensor, or a sun, wind and rain sensor.