BeefEater | Kebab Rack & Skewer Set

Product Code: 94825

The Beefeater 7pc Shish Kebab Rack & Skewers is a high quality and professional set of skewers on a kebab rack which can easily provide optimal cooking of most meats including poultry, beef, fruit, seafood, and vegetables. This rack set features a fold up design and comes with 6 metal skewers which promote easy threading of food ready for cooking. This kebab and skewers set is constructed from chrome plated steel and provides high strength resistance against wear and tear for long term applications.

Beefeater Kebab Rack & Skewer Set

£ 15.00


From family gatherings to full on banquets, The BeefEater and BeefMates accessory range can be trusted to help you host the best barbeques. Take your pick from more than 30 accessories, all custom made to make your cooking experience perfectly satisfying.

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